Campbell’s soup & the Muslim Brotherhood Charity – “Blazing Cat Fur” Blog

Campbell’s in the soup with Fraudulent Muslim Brotherhood Charity

Great work by the Star in uncovering a massive fraud by the Mulsim Brotherhood Front ISNA (Islamic Society of North America). ISNA is also the “Halal” certifier for useful idiot companies like Campbell’s Soup. As I posted previously ISNA miraculously found itself innocent of misusing funds from its Halal Certification operations – no doubt allah intervened.

From the Star: “In a review of the financial statements for the halal meat certification agency, a business branch of the Society that certifies meat as permissable to eat under Islamic rules, the auditor discovered Ashraf had received a $15,000 tax receipt after moving money from the agency’s business account over to ISNA Canada and claiming it was a “personal donation.”

Former board members told the Star Ashraf diverted profits from the certification agency to a secret account from which he paid himself and at least two family members. “



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