*JDL* Parsha and Weekly Update ~ October 16 – 22, 2011

Parshah V’Zot HaBerachah – Deuteronomy 33:1-34:12 – Torah Reading for Week of October 16-22, 2011 – Tishrei 18-24 5772


Rashi [Bereshis 1:1] notes — in the name of ‘Rabbi Yitzchak’ — that it would have been logical for the Torah, which is basically a book of laws, to begin with the first Commandment “This month for you is the beginning of months” [Shmos 12:2]. Why then does the Torah begin with the story of Creation?

The Torah began with the story of Creation because it wished to convey the message of the pasuk [verse] “The power of His acts He told to His people, in order to give them the estate of nations” [Tehillim 111:6]. If the nations of the world will say to Israel ‘You are bandits for you conquered the lands of the seven nations who inhabited Canaan’, Israel will respond that the whole world belongs to G-d. He created it and He gave it to whoever was proper in his eyes. By His wish He gave it to them and by His wish He took it from them and gave it to us.

* * *

Reb Elya Meir Bloch asked the question: what would be accomplished by making this point? It is obvious that the nations of the world would not be swayed by this argument. Neither quoting to them from Rashi, nor quoting to them from ‘Rabbi Yitzchak’ would help convince them in the slightest that the Jews have a right to Eretz Yisrael [The Land of Israel]. Rather, says Reb Elya Meir Bloch, this Rashi is actually for our benefit, not for the benefit of the nations.

* * *

If we know and we are really convinced that the Land belongs to us, then that gives us the strength of conviction and the power to stand up to the nations of the world and say emphatically “This is our land”. The issue is not which argument we need to use when we defend our rights to the land. Nor is the issue whether they accept our arguments at all. The issue is that we need to understand our rights to the Land of Israel. When a person KNOWS that he is right, he then has the audacity to stand up and say “I am sorry, but it is mine — it is not yours!” This is the lesson of the first Rashi in Chumash.

Jews must remember that our claim to Eretz Yisrael is based on Rabbi Yitzchak’s argument. The argument that “We made the desert bloom” or that it is ours by virtue of force is not the correct argument. The more that we are convinced of the reality that “The power of His acts He told to His people, in order to give them the estate of nations”, the more effective we will be in retaining that which is rightfully ours.

* * *

The Jewish Defence League is more than just another Jewish group, it represents the authentic Jewish idea. JDL is the only Jewish group that speaks the truth.

On Sunday October 23, JDL will lead a protest against Islamic groups that support the Muslim Brotherhood. ISNA will host the Hatefest. This is the same ISNA that held ‘interfaith’ meetings with a number of leaders from the former CJC and a number of Rabbis. The JDL did some damage to the original plans for this hatefest by having a hotel cancel on this Muslim Brotherhood group iERA

Sheraton Hotel Cancels iERA Event Due to Political Pressure .

Michael Coren & Meir Weinstein: Free Speech & The Hate Spewing Imams

*JDL* Protest against Political Islamic Nazis 

Sunday, October 23, 2011 1:30 pm Bus Pick Up @ NW corner of Steeles Ave. and Bathurst Street

Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) Canada

2200 South Sheridan Way

Mississauga, Ontario
We will be joined by multifaith allies

* * *

The IERA will hold an anti Jewish Hatefest in Toronto. – “Canada Launch Tour – Calling the World Back to Allah

Here is a list of some of the haters:
Abdurraheem Green
Hamza Andreas Tzortzis
Yusuf Chambers
Shaykh Abdullah Hakim Quick
Shaykh Hussain Yee

* * *

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The JDL will continue to speak out and lead. It will be important after this protest to expose and confront the MSA (Muslim Student Association) groups on campus that support the iERA Islamic Nazis. Some of these haters are being given platforms on campus through the MSA to spread their hate. One more important point, our Jewish leaders failed to address the issue of so called Islamic Prayers in Public Schools. The truth of the matter is that the moral examples for the Muslim children in the public schools are people that support the Muslim Brotherhood and Iran. These children will become active in a few years with the MSA.

The JDL will continue to monitor far left hate groups such as the Canadian Peace Alliance.

* * *

Consider there latest resolutions:

MOUNT CROSS-CANADA CAMPAIGN SUPPORTING THE KHOMEINISTS’ RACE TO ACQUIRE NUKES:”. . .THE CANADIAN PEACE ALLIANCE RESOLVES THAT; 1. it shall raise the slogan, “NO SANCTIONS, NO ATTACK ON IRAN!” in its on-going activities; 2. it shall strive to make the Canadian public aware of the dangers of war with Iran and to promote the cause of peace and international solidarity; 3. it shall sponsor a cross-Canada speaking tour of respected scholars on the subject of Iran, its compliance with regulations of the IAEA and its right to national self-determination, including the pursuit of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.”WE HEART HAMAS! THEY’RE NEEDED FOR PEACE! DECRIMINALIZE HAMAS!”Whereas the listing by the Canadian government of Hamas as a “terrorist group” is counterproductive to efforts to involve Hamas in the continuing attempts to achieve peace and reconciliation between Israel and Palestine, BIRT the Canadian Peace alliance strive to persuade the Government of Canada to take Hamas off its terrorist list.”WE HEART HEZBOLLAH! THEY’RE NEEDED FOR PEACE! DECRIMINALIZE HEZBOLLAH!”Whereas the listing by the Canadian government of Hezbollah as a “terrorist group” is counterproductive to efforts to achieve peace and reconciliation within Lebanon, BIRT the Canadian Peace alliance strive to persuade the Government of Canada to take Hezbollah off its terrorist list. . .”FIGHTING TERRORISM IS ISLAMOPHOBIC, LET THE TERRORISTS IN. FREE THE TERRORISTS WE’VE CAUGHT. LET THE REST COME TO CANADA!

WHEREAS the campaign against Security Certificates has helped to expose the hypocritical and unethical actions of the secret police services in Canada – CSIS, CBSA, and the RCMP,. . .

[BE IT RESOLVED THAT] THE CPA therefore renews its commitment to oppose Security Certificates, and all similar attacks on Muslims and their civil liberties under the guise of “fighting terrorism. . .BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT the CPA demand that: – The Security Certificate process be abolished; – That those currently detained under Security Certificates have the Certificates lifted, and . . .that they not be deported.”

Again, our Jewish leaders have failed to tell the truth. You have a duty to spread this truth and to join us in the streets. Now is the time.

* * *

With Love of Israel,
Meir Weinstein, National Director
Jewish Defence League of Canada


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