Toronto Allows “Muslim Only” Apartment Rental

Toronto Allows “Muslim Only” Apartment Rental — By Debbie Schlussel

… “And Muslims are laughing at us all the way to the bank . . . and the jihadist mosque . . . and the HAMAS money-laundering meeting.”

I don’t know the law in Canada.  But I do know the law in the U.S. regarding landlord-tenant issues as they intersect with civil rights.  And I would imagine that, as in America, a Canadian landlord cannot discriminate in deciding to whom to rent a property.  In the U.S., for example, one could not advertise “No Muslims” in an ad for an apartment.  You’d get the Justice Department on your butt, even though you don’t want Hezbollah and HAMAS supporters in your building.  Heck, I’d bet that if I put out an ad that said, “Apartment For Rent, but No Hezbollah and HAMAS Fans,” I’d get lawsuits by Muslims and Eric Holder’s people. But, apparently, in Canada, discrimination in favor of “Muslims only” is allowed.

No Access for Non-Muslims

Yet more evidence that Muslims want and receive not equal treatment but better and preferred treatment.  They get special rights and are allowed to engage in conduct that would sic the law on the rest of us.  Blame Canada?  In this case, definitely, because it’s apparently okay there to have a rental policy of . . .

Non-Muslims Need Not Apply“–The Real Islamic “Tolerance”:

There’s a two bedroom basement apartment for rent in Toronto’s northwest end —one bathroom, newly painted and renovated with a side entrance. The ad, posted on popular classified site, comes with the typical caveats —no pets allowed, no smokers. And then, a less common request: Only Muslims need apply.

It’s the exact kind of specifications the Ontario Human Rights Commission recently warned landlords against putting in their online classified ads —any denial of a prospective tenant due to race, ethnic origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age and disability, among other things, is grounds for discrimination according to the Ontario Human Rights Commission’s housing policy and the Ontario Human Rights Code.

But for all its condemnation of the practice, the commission this week said they can’t police these online ads, that it’s out of their hands.

Instead, a person would have to call up the prospective landlord and file a complaint if it is clear they were not considered for the apartment because they weren’t Muslim, for example, or Chinese, Korean or Japanese as one other Craigslist Vancouver ad said it would prefer the successful tenants to be.

“If you say ‘Muslim only,’ in the law, you’d be discriminating against Buddhists, against Christians. That could be grounds for an application of the human rights code,” said Geordie Dent, executive director of the Federation of Metro Tenants’ Associations. Complaints about landlord discrimination regularly trickle into his office and other legal clinics in Toronto, but few are pursued because of the momentous financial and time commitment costs that come with hiring a lawyer and seeing a lengthy tribunal case.

Many such ads appear on sites specifically geared toward one community. But a search Wednesday brought up 32 results for “Muslim only” requests under the real estate category on When contacted by the National Post, one landlord looking to rent a one bedroom apartment in Brampton, Ont., said he “does not want to give the apartment to any other people,” besides Indians or Muslims, as his ad requires. He did not have a specific reason for only wanting to rent to Indians or Muslims, nor did he deny knowing about the Ontario Human Rights Code implications. Another landlord who said in his ad for a two bedroom basement apartment in Mississauga that he would welcome Muslim families said he would also accept other tenants who were not of that faith, so long as they did not drink. The ad says nothing about prohibiting alcohol. Yet another, on, advertises a spacious 1 bedroom apartment for a Muslim bachelor.

Don’t look for the authorities in Toronto to do anything about this. Officials said they have a small budget and stressed that the majority of the cases involve “No Blacks,” or anti-Asian rental ads. Get it? They don’t want you to pay any attention to the new discrimination. It gets in the way of their narrative. So they won’t do anything about it.

And Muslims are laughing at us all the way to the bank . . . and the jihadist mosque . . . and the HAMAS money-laundering meeting.


5 Responses to Toronto Allows “Muslim Only” Apartment Rental

  1. Jack Haddad says:

    Maybe it is Tarek Fatah renting an apartment!

    • Barzel_18 says:

      Tarek Fatah” watches as his muslim brothers burn churches and murder Christians in the muslim occupied land called “Pakistan”.
      so yes, of course “Tarek Fatah” would support muslim LandLords that rent exclusively to other muslims, since the Jew, the Christian, the Hindu, the atheist etc etc, are all enemies of islam…

      56 Islamic states, all conquered by the Islamic sword, all are intolerant and oppressive and not one is a democracy.

      btw… “Tarek Fatah” is a proud carrying member of the PLO

  2. Robert says:

    I don’t see a problem. As a non Muslim it is very helpful to know that a landlord is seeking Muslim tenants and most likely is a Muslim himself.
    May God bless and keep Muslims….far away from me!.

    • Barzel_18 says:

      Ezra Levant addresses this issue because the Canadian “human rights” commission and their kangaroo lawyers have been on a hunt for people who advertise a room with specific requests (ie female, student, employed…) because it is a prejudice against ie. males, non students and welfare recipients … BUT muslims who specify “MUSLIM ONLY” is fine because they do not say “no jews” in their AD.

  3. Observer says:

    I would be worried about anything that Mr. Dent of the tenants group says.

    Tenant gravy train: Levy Handouts, rent banks, sole-sourced deals galore drive industry watchers crazy

    By Sue-Ann Levy ,Toronto Sun

    For more than 10 years a tenant group – with strong ties to left-wing city bureaucrats – has seen its sole-source contract not only renewed, no questions asked, but its funding has more than quadrupled as well.

    In 1999, when I first reported on the “purchase of service” contract given to the Federation of Metro Tenants’ Association (FMTA), the group got $97,510 to run a hotline service.

    This year, the group got $446,760 to operate the hotline, educate tenants and provide outreach.

    The FMTA money comes out of the shelter, support and housing budget – the same people who brought us the $11.5-million Peter St. shelter boondoggle.

    In 1999, FMTA had 5,000 members. Interim executive director Geordie Dent told me Thursday they have anywhere from 1,000-3,000 members at the moment.

    In 1999, the hotline took nearly 7,500 calls.

    According to statistics provided by city spokesman Pat Anderson, the hotline responded to 7,566 calls and e-mails to Sept. 30.

    The tenant gravy train doesn’t end there……………

    Fine and others have also expressed concern with FMTA’s secrecy and the radical left affiliations of several of its 10 full and part-time staff.

    Dent, who writes on a website called MediaCoop (among others), has openly expressed anti-Israel sentiments and advocated for the G20 protesters in his blog.

    Sarah Vance, listed as one of FMTA’s hotline counsellors, was a former spokesman and employee of OCAP. Kelly Bentley, one of FMTA’s outreach organizers, is also a former OCAP member.

    When asked about the musings on his blog, Dent contended his writing is in no way “related” to FMTA.

    He also insisted their work does not duplicate that done by the province, noting the LTB does not have a good handle on city bylaws or how a variety of legislation related to tenants fits together………………

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