Peter Shurman of the *Conservative Party* WINS Thornhill

Shurman edges Farber to win Thornhill

Kim Zarzour

October 6, 2011

Peter Shurman is the first MPP ever re-elected in the riding of Thornhill.
The announcement, by campaign chair Richard Ciano, drew applause and cheers from supports at the PC candidate’s “wrap-up party” at 10:30 pm.
The riding has flip-flopped back and forth between Liberals and Conservatives, with the incumbent turfed out with each election in previous votes, but this time the incumbent was invited back by Thornhill voters.
Gila Martow, the riding association president, credited a strong campaign and a strong incumbent.
“We’ve got the same volunteers here, federally and provincially, and we run like a well-oiled machine,” she said.
“And Peter didn’t just get elected and say ‘oh well, we’re in opposition’ and have no voice. He did get out there and was well-known in the legislature.”
That’s why the Liberals chose such a strong candidate to run against him, she said. Bernie Farber, also well known in the community, was hand-picked by the Liberals “because Peter was a thorn in their side.”


One Response to Peter Shurman of the *Conservative Party* WINS Thornhill

  1. Mortimer Tournbulle says:–salutin-when-to-be-normal-is-weird

    Dear Rick Salutin( this letter could have been equally applied to Bernie Farber)

    With great disappointment I read your factually inaccurate a – historical , misleading and misguided column centered around your interview with Haaretz “self hating Jewish columnist ‘ Amira Hass . Amira Hass could not possibly pass the test of close scrutiny in her many allegations against Israel and Jewish rights to Judea. Amira Hass is not friend of Jews or Israel . In fact she has close ties with some of the most notorious professional Israel bashers who use self hating Jews as an excuse to justify the terror against Jews. What better excuse for a “professional Israel basher” than to be able to claim that “even Jews agree that Zionists, Jews have no rights to their land”. Mona Baker- Egyptian professor of linguistics at Manchester University-

    As a studied accomplished Rabbi I would expect that you already know very well that Historically speaking the region of Palaestina was never a country state or nation throughout the entirety of this Earth’s history not, in all factual, logical, reasonable and moral sense, conclude any “nationality” to be a-historical? It appears to me that most of the information surrounding this conflict are generated for purely political reasons and not factual reasons. Factual specificity would indicate that there are no “Palestinian” People whatsoever and most certainly the so-called “Palestinians” have no historical relationship with those ancient Greek sea faring peoples whom lived in the region of modern day Gaza.

    Dear Rabbi Salutin why do you think there is an agenda to distance the Judean: Jew from Judea and their multi-millennium historical association to the Land of Israel?

    Why is there such a drive to distance the Jew: Judean from Judea or Israel/”Zion”? Rationally, and factually , do you believe the answer is to fabricate a relationship between Arabs: Arabians from their ancient homeland, and birthplace of Islam; the Arabian Peninsula to a so-called “West Bank” in “Palestine” as an a-historical non-entity promulgated as “Palestinians”.

    There are no “Palestinians” or a “Palestine” in the Bible or Koran which would seem to indicate that Moses, Jesus and Mohammad didn’t know of any either. I ask myself why Barbara W. Tuchman, author of “The Guns of August” didn’t mention any “Palestinians”, “Palestinian People”, “West Bank” assuming Jordan is the never heard of “East Bank”, “Occupied Territories” or “East Jerusalem” in her very worthy book “Bible and Sword; England and Palestine from the Bronze Age”.

    There is only one logical conclusion, that in 1956 publishing of this fabulous work there were no “Palestinian” People or any of the other purely politically driven agenda drivel either. One must ask how, and further why, did all this anti-Jewism come about especially considering the Arabian people, from their homelands of the Arabian Peninsula boast over 20 countries and Islam over 50? Again the Jew gets the logical shafting…with the help of “Jewish Self Haters” such as Amira Hass.

    The once Arab-Jewish Conflict over Palestine, as titled by Joan Peters in her 1970s book “From Time Immemorial” became contorted into the Israeli-‘Palestinian’ Conflict? This is not a new conflict but one that has been raging on since 622 if you care to delve into factually and Theo-politically based history that has afforded the massacre of some 3000 Jews during the Battle of the Trench, the defeat of the Byzantine Army at the 636 Battle of Yarmouk which plotted two mosques atop of the Jews Temple Mount, turned the Visigoth Church of Saint Vincent into a Mosque, afforded Charles Martel fame at Tours in 732 after defeating a Muslim Army, massacred the Jews in Granada in 1066, built pillars of Hindu skulls – for the second time – under Tamurlane in 1398, massacred thousands of Christians including Constantine XI Palaiologos turning Constantinople into Istanbul and Saint Sophia into a mosque which placed Romanian despot Vlad Tepes “The Impaler” to be the defender of European Christendom in 1459. Of course after Tepes failed jihad came to the Gates of Vienna 1529 which directly lead to the defeat of a Muslim fleet in the 1571 Battle of Lepanto. Of course there are dozens of other massacres of unbelievers that I had overlooked from those in Armenia and Cappadocia from 640 on to those early invasions into Hindustan spawning the European gypsy ancestry to the “Forgotten American Wars”: Barbary Wars: Tripolitan Wars between various Muslim States and the infant America 1805-1815. Let me ask, has any in J Street ever read the Islamic Texts or studied Islamic history especially its theo-political jurisprudence?
    I may not be a student specifically in the Arab-Jewish struggle over Palestine however I am very well steeped in history and the modern day Political Agenda is totally a-historical, illogical, unreasonable and thoroughly anti-Jewish/Israel in nature. To continue to placate to factually unsound history by mainstream media and highly misguided Establishmentarian elitist despots will clearly not bring peace. It did not in 1917 assisting the rise of Lenin and Communist Russia, not in pre-1938 by assisting and financing Adolf Hitler, not in 1949 failed IPR falling to Mao, not in 1979 Iran and it will continue to do so.

    There has been a “Two State Solution” already and it is the other fabricated “Palestinian” judenrein pseudo-state of Jordan. The insanity and denial unfolding around us is absolutely insulting.

    What is more insulting is that the Jew seems, as the past 2000 years is concerned, is always looking toward self denial and embrace self-obtuseness surrounding their highly interesting and valuable history. I am absolutely positive that Amira Hass is an affront to any thinking Jew: Judean in most regards as is George Soros to all in the most base human regards. The denial, amoral and thoroughly misinformed agenda must stop if any sort of meaningful peace is to be achieved.

    Of course this entire subject chaps my behind because, as corrupt politics enters any situation, the outcome tends to be perverse; I mean to distance the Jew: Judean from Judea: Israel: Holy Land is an affront to, not only common fact but, base logic.

    There must be no more “Two State Solutions”. The first with “Palestine” and the fabrication of a dozen other Arab-Muslim States didn’t work. The questionable partition of “Palestine” in 1922-23, lopping off 77% to be a Jew-Free Arab-Muslim pseudo-State didn’t work. The World sat idly by when the Arabs invaded in 1949 allowing the amoral and deplorable creation of a “West Bank”, “East Jerusalem” and an Arabian prison in occupied Jewish Gaza. The World sat against the spineless and obtuse elitist Jew after 1967’s failed war by the creation and promulgation of the “Palestinian People” mythology and the “need” for another “Two State Solution”.

    Even while the entire world “progresses” amoral, unreasonable and illogical agenda against this tiny plot of land and its global Judean population, the Jew still, not only sits idly by but, fails to learn factual specificity. “Those who do not learn history are condemned to repeat it.” – George Santayana.

    It is clear that most people today, especially Jews, fail miserably to learn proper, educational, factually based history and therefore will repeat it as the failed peace treaties with Egypt, catering to Arafat, promoting “multiculturalism” and the fumigating Jews from Gaza. All mentally impoverished failures that must be recognized as such before insanity can be turned into education and worthy knowledge.

    I truly hope Jews find their Jewishness and moral compass as Islam has never been a “religion of peace” and the World, however enlightened, has never held a truly positive or informed image of anything surrounding the Jew: Judaism: Jewish history: Anti-Semitism: ancient or modern Israel Professional Israel bashers such as Amira Hass refer to Jews as settlers because they live in communities located in Judea, Samaria( No longer Gaza ) and the Golan Heights or “historical Judea( JEW) . A “settler” is a “person who has migrated to an area and established permanent residence there”.

    By definition “Palestinians” are settlers and Jews are the indigenous people of “Judea”( Jew).

    I would like to remind you that Jews who have been living in “Arab lands” for thousands of years have been ethnically cleansed. Mallory Brown of the New York Times wrote a column May 16 , 1948, page E4- with a headline stating “Jews in Grave Danger in all Moslem lands”. There are no Jews to speak of today in “Moslem lands”.

    The excuse used to legitimize the “collective punishment” of Arab Jews(ethnically cleansed Jews) by professional Israel bashers , such as Amira Haas, is the rise of “Zionism” and the re establishment of the state of Israel in 1948 or Jewish rights under “international law”( Balfour, San Remo and Paris Conference in 23% of Judea . The latter exposes the outright fraud of ‘self hating Jews “ such as Amira Hass : When “Palestinian” terrorists launch thousands of rockets, terror attacks etc. and Israel acts in (“self defence”( with unprecedented self restraint) the “professional Israel bashers” such as Amira Hass refer to this as “collective punishment”. In fact they even go so far as lying about the number of “Palestinian” casualties( 1400 was an outright lie).

    Reasonably a Jew who applies a standard of behaviour for Jews who simply want to survive and rightfully defend themselves in contrast no standard of behaviour for the enemies of Jews, who clearly have cleansed themselves of Jews with ambitions to finish the job ,are rightfully referred to as “self hating Jews”! Amira Hass is a “self hating Jew”!

    As a “Rabbi” you would know that “Zion” means literally Jerusalem, and it was Moses who brought Jews to the “promised land” by Gods command and Jews delivered the word of God to the world. In fact this would make Moses the first “Zionist”!

    Now, as you know, the simple internet search for “Arch of Titus” shows in detail the military situation that the Romans had too shared with the Jews. Of course they were called “Judeans” then which is simply an extended title for the “Jew”. Jew: Judean: Judea (and if you believe in Biblical mythology this extends to Judah and Israel: Jacob: Land of Israel, Promised Land, Holy Land, even Zion. I’m guessing that this combined with the Jewish exile in Babylon, which the Hymn “Rivers of Babylon” detail and Moses fleeing Egypt to return to the lands of his forefathers/peoples is the root of Zionism for the Jew: Judean?) Would the Arch of Titus showing the expulsion of Judeans to Rome, whose wealth and human labour were used to build such monuments as The Coliseum not be the first example of what would be termed “Palaestinian” People?

    I hope my letter does not offend you as that was not my motive. I am at a point where I am considering abandoning Judaism altogether – being a Jew does not seem to be a worth while endeavour when “leaders” of the Jewish community fail miserably when it comes to having knowledge and or standing up for the absolute rights of Jews- Jews and Jewish leaders denying their own history and their reasonable rights offers no hope for Jews and Judaism for the future.

    I wonder why you did not ask Amira Hass why it is that the “Palestinian Liberation Organization” was created in 1964 , when in fact Arabs had full control of the West Bank, East Jerusalem , Gaza and the Golan Heights? Isn’t that exactly the borders that they demand today after losing their war against Jews in 1967- 1972 that would have annihilated both the state of Israel and rendered Israel judenfrie just like the rest of the Arab Middle East including “Gaza” !

    Why was there a need for a terrorist organization whose mission and ambition in 1964, is no different than today? To kill Jews and the existence of Israel as a Jewish state? This has nothing to do with “territory” above or below ground for Jews. As you know even cemeteries where Jews were buried offer no right to Jews to their land.

    Maybe you could have asked Amira Hass the size of “Palestine” in 1922 and why it is that to “professional Israel bashers” “Palestine “ is only the 23% of “Palestine” where Jews live and where Arabs are citizens, and not the 77% of “Palestine” where Arabs live and where “Palestinians” are refuges in the territory commonly and factually referred to as “Palestine”?

    Dear Rabbi look to the map of Judea/ Israel as it exists today… 23000 sq. km of territory! That is all of “expansionist Israel” that keeps “expanding” by giving up territory from its original size of some 120,000 sq km?

    How much do Jews have to give before they can have the right to exist in peace? From everything I read coming from “Palestinian” leaders it seems Jews can be comforted with the knowledge that “Palestinians” will make room for Jews in the Sea!

    As “Palestinians” might soon be celebrating year 47 , I send my Regards and best wishes for a Happy Jewish New year- 5772.

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