“We must end the occupation. Of course, I’m referring to the Muslim occupation of the land of Israel, starting in the seventh century.”

Recently Eldad – also chief medical officer and senior commander of the Israel Defense Forces Medical Corps and a Brigadier-General in the IDF (Reserves) – expressed his iconoclastic opinions in a speech at Temple Ner Maarav in Encino, northwest of Los Angeles. Also entitled “Jordan is Palestine,” his presentation put forth what he calls the “simple truth” that the Jews, and not the Arabs, have an historic and LEGAL right to the land of Israel.



“I’m all for ending the occupation,” he said. “We must end the occupation. Of course, I’m referring to the Muslim occupation of the land of Israel, starting in the seventh century.”

So yes, there is certainly a territorial component to the problem, Eldad acknowledges. But, he explained, falling back on a medical analogy that reflects his profession, “We have misdiagnosed the conflict. It is a religious war. It’s a clash of ideologies. It’s not a territorial conflict.”



One Response to “We must end the occupation. Of course, I’m referring to the Muslim occupation of the land of Israel, starting in the seventh century.”

  1. Mortimer Tournbulle says:

    If the land mass which is today Canada was never a country, never a state and never a nation would you be Canadian? Of course the answer is no. Anything otherwise is simply an absurd mythology or fabrication. Why is not, or cannot, this same exact logic, fact and reason be applied to the region of “Palestine”? Under the Roman Emperor Hadrian in 132AD the conquered regions of Judea/Israel/Samaria were renamed “Palaestina” and, to my knowledge, this region of “Palaestina” was never a country, State or nation.

    Now, as you know, the simple internet search for “Arch of Titus” shows in detail the above military situation that the Romans had too shared with the Jews. Of course they were called “Judeans” then which is simply an extended title for the “Jew”. Jew: Judean: Judea (and if you believe in Biblical mythology this extends to Judah and Israel: Jacob: Land of Israel, Promised Land, Holy Land, even Zion. I’m guessing that this combined with the Jewish exile in Babylon, which the Hymn “Rivers of Babylon” detail and Moses fleeing Egypt to return to the lands of his forefathers/peoples is the root of Zionism for the Jew: Judean?) Would the Arch of Titus showing the expulsion of Judeans to Rome, whose wealth and human labor were used to build such monuments as The Colosseum not be the first example of what would be termed “Palaestinian” People?

    Ok, Since it was the Judean: Jew who were the original “Palaestinians” of the times of Rome. I’m guessing that the Jew had never entirely left the lands of Israel: Judea: “Palaestina” from then until the League of Nations Mandate Palestine would still make the Jew: Judean: “Palaestinian”: the Palestinian factually speaking. I mean even this examples a bit flawed considering the region of Palestine under the League of Nations Mandate too was never a country, never a state and never a nation. This would dictate that there are no, and cannot be any “Palestinian” People.

    There such an agenda to distance the Judean: Jew from Judea: Israel: Land of Israel: Holy Land: Promised Land: the lands of all their ancestors including Jesus? There is no “Palestine” or “Palestinian” mentioned within the Bible; New or Old or the Qur’an. This tells me that neither Moses, David, Jesus nor Muhammad knew any either. But somehow there seems to be an entirely molested anti-historical agenda of fabricating an “ancient” “historical” relationship between the Arab: Arabian: from the Arabian Peninsula to the “West Bank” in “Palestine” as “Palestinians”? With all the aforementioned fact, logic and reason not dictate a massive shameful farce.Muslims/Arabs/ simply invented a lie and they sell it as fact to demean the wandering Israelite.

    I think all the aforementioned is very interesting because it shows how truly corrupt, immoral/amoral politics and politicians truly are; which is very sad moreso trying to inject a moral version of humanist “democracy” into the equation. The Arab Spring will be another failure- Islam cannot exist along side democracy in a humanist form that gives rights to the individual. The tenets of Islam include Submission. No genuine democracy demands for their peoples to submit to anything outside of common law outside of any religion or personal belief system.

    There been an agenda to change what used to be the Arab – Jewish Conflict over the region of Palestine to the Arab – Israeli Conflict: to the Palestinian – Israeli – Conflict; and then the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict over what is today about 33% of the region of “Palestine” – I think Jordan is 78% or something from the first Two State Solution .

    Something to me just doesn’t fit at all, read the Islamic texts and one can understand their reasoning quite well and compare them to the Christian and Jewish texts as well because Jesus and all the Apostles were not “Palestinians” but Judeans: Jews who spoke Hebrew and Aramaic not Arabic and studied the Torah and not the Qur’an. Just wondering why there is such an agenda to re-write history, even in Scotland,( BDS) where near every pile of rocks hosts a Judean: Jesus and an Iron or Bronze Cross. However, I cannot wrap my mind around how something like a nationality came to be when never a nation had ever existed on Earth previously?

    On a final note- how is it that the “PLO” , a known terrorist organization, was created in 1964 when Arabs already had control of the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and Gaza? Why today are they asking to go back to 1967 peace lines when they already had control of the are well before 1967?

    The answers are more than obvious…the West must not accomodate the lies promulgated by professional Israel bashers.
    There will never be peace until accurate honest history and the proportionate entitlement to all nations based on genuine international law are fulfilled.

    Expansionism in the name of Islam began in the 7 th century and today over 50 non Islamic lands have been converted to Islam through the use of brute violence in the name of a religion that claims to be peaceful.

    Unversities are rewriting history and the minds of young naive students are being polluted by corrupt fraudulent ideologues who have teaching certificates that should be withdrawn!

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