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* * *

York investigates dispute in Vari Hall

Posted on Thursday, February 4, 2010
York University is looking into an incident that occurred on Monday, Feb. 1 at about 4pm in Vari Hall at the Keele campus.

York Security Services personnel were summoned to that location, where they found two groups involved in a dispute. Order was restored and both parties indicated that they did not want to involve the Toronto Police Service. The University’s Security Services agreed to their request and provided information about further dispute resolution options. Subsequently, three people gave statements of their version of the incident.

York deplores any comments and actions that are racist or anti-Semitic in nature. An investigation is currently underway, with the potential for disciplinary action. The University is reviewing closed-circuit video of the incident and is speaking to students who may have been involved. If there is evidence of a crime, the matter will be referred to the Toronto Police Service.

York University is committed to respectful discourse and civil engagement and is encouraging the parties to avail themselves of the services of the University’s Centre for Human Rights.


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